AI Use Cases in Smart Buildings

The recent proliferation of IoT devices and their convergence with cloud-based technologies is making it easier to generate data about building performance – creating a prime opportunity for building owners to apply AI and ML to make critical operational and financial decisions.

Based on recent studies, it is observable that buildings contribute to the 40% of the world energy consumption, mainly coming from HVAC systems.

Buildings today have evolved into complex connected technological systems that can be operationalized to maximize efficiencies such as cost-savings or improve worker productivity and occupant comfort.

This event covers AI uses cases in the two areas:

• Facility Management
• Energy Use Analytics

“Comparing the buildings of the present to what they were even a few years ago will show massive changes. Modern buildings are more than just four walls and a roof. In fact, building walls now even have ears and eyes, all thanks to digital technologies. According to studies, the global smart building market is expected to reach 36 billion US dollars by 2020.”

How AI Is Making Buildings Smart And Intelligent, Forbes 2019

Entry: 1:00pm Start: 1:30pm

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2020 Tech Trend Focus:

Artificial Intelligence /
Machine Learning

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